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The Traditions and the Present

In Estonia you may in several places find therapeutic mud, the healing properties of which were known in folk medicine since ancient times. Spas in the present meaning of the word were established as early as in the 1820- 40’s. Establishments were especially built or reconstructed for the use of local seawater or mud for the treatment of ailments under the supervision of physicians.

Today the main objectives of the spa treatments are to give prophylactic care and spa treatments of the kind, which hinder ailments from becoming chronic, lessening the need of sick care, thereby saving costs, and to restore the working capacity and general capacities of the ailing. In our continually more and more hectic rhythm of life many middle aged and even younger persons suffer from stress. In the course of time the Estonian spas have also partly changed their policy from being purely care centres towards being recreation centres, where the clients in addition to the treatments have the possibility to occupy themselves in various healthy activities, go in for sports or just relax and spend their time comfortably.

The Association of Estonian Spas and Rehabilitation Centres (EKTL) has 16 members. EKTL has gathered in one web-page all facts concerning the Estonian Spas and Rehabilitation Centres. Here you may find a resume of the miscellaneous care and vacation possibilities the Estonian Spas have to offer.


Igaunija – 200 gadi spa kultūras

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  • Haapsalu
  • Kuressaare
  • Laulasmaa
  • Otepää
  • Pärnu
  • Rakvere
  • Tallinn
  • Tartu
  • Toila
  • Värska
  • Võru
Izvēlēties SPA
  • V spa un konferenču viesnīca
  • Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
  • Tallink Pirita Spa Hotel
  • Saaremaa Spa Hotels
  • AQVA Hotel & Spa
  • Lavendel Spa Hotel
  • Georg Ots Spa Hotel
  • ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa
  • Värska Resort & Water Park
  • Viiking Spa Hotel
  • Toila Spa Hotel
  • Tervise Paradiis
  • Tallinn Viimsi SPA
  • Tervis Medical Spa Hotel
  • Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort
  • Laulasmaa Spa and Conference Hotel
  • Kalev Spa Hotel & Water Park
  • Grand Rose Spa Hotel
  • Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
  • Spa hotel Laine
  • Kubija viesnīca-dabas SPA
  • ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel