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  • Chinese energy massage

    Chinese energy massage, like other Oriental massages, is based on the theory of influencing the meridians and point of the human body and is most similar to Tuina massage. The principal difference is that while Tuina massage dedicates more attention to the ailing area of the body, the energy massage treats the organism as a...
    Available in 2 spas
  • Classical massage

    The effect of classical massage on the skin, hypodermic tissue and muscles depends on the methods used – it can be either relaxing or invigorating. Massage improves the blood circulation of the tissues and advances metabolism. Massage is used in case of muscular tension, sleep disorders and also for the relieving of stress. A skilful...
    Available in 20 spas
  • Cup massage

    The distinctive feature of cup massage is the vacuum created with the help of cups. The vacuum improves the circulation of fluids and relieves muscle tension. Cup massage trims the skin, cleanses pores, reduces cellulites and provides help with joint problems. The massage is not suitable in the case of open wounds, eczema, metabolic disorders,...
    Available in 7 spas
  • Foot sole massage

    Foot sole massage is a part of the zone therapy or reflexology originating in India. The purpose of foot sole massage is to treat the individual as a whole, in order to achieve balance, prevent illnesses and perform follow-up treatment. Foot sole massage improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, reduces stress etc.
    Available in 10 spas
  • Honey massage

    Honey massage is one of the ancient Tibetan therapeutic massages. Honey is used here as an adhesive substance which allows removing “polluted” energy from the organism and by absorbing into the skin, honey passes on its good medical qualities. The end result is the improvement of the physical condition and metabolism, the purification of energy...
    Available in 12 spas
  • Lymphatic massage

    Lymphatic massage is a surface massage influencing the skin and hypodermic tissue, stimulating the flow of the lymph fluid and stimulates the removal of residues from the system. It relaxes and alleviates muscle tensions and has a favourable effect on edemas, blood circulation disorders and metabolic diseases. The massage is used, for example, in case...
    Available in 9 spas
  • Point massage

    Point massage is a type of Chinese massage which has a favourable effect on all organ systems. By influencing certain areas, it is possible to alleviate stress, headaches, upper and lower back problems and to adjust blood pressure.
    Available in 6 spas
  • Sports massage

    Sports massage is more intense than classical massage and is primarily meant for a person engaged in sports with the purpose of improving the blood supply of the musculature and the elasticity of the connective tissue, preventing injuries and help treat injuries already sustained.
    Available in 5 spas
  • Thai massage

    Thai massage consists of yoga, massage, relieving breathing and meditation. It is suitable as relaxation for a person suffering from stress or muscular tension. Thai massage activates blood circulation, the lymphatic system, reduces muscular tension, increases the mobility of joints and help to better perceive one’s organism. The massage is not suitable in case of...
    Available in 7 spas

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