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Water therapy

Water therapy

  • Bath treatments

    Available in 17 spas
  • Herbal pearl bath

    The joint effect of herbal pearl bath with warm water and different herbal concentrates made of curative herbs is used for improving blood circulation, relax the muscles and alleviate pain. When choosing the procedure, the effect of different herbs is considered (calming, invigorating, sedative, stimulating metabolism). The bathwater temperature is 36-38 degrees.
    Available in 11 spas
  • Jacuzzi

    Available in 16 spas
  • Kneipp therapy

    One man who recognised the ancient wisdom of using water as a means of therapy was the Reverend Sebastian Kneipp. Water is the key component of Kneipp therapy – both as hot as needed and as cold as possible. The Kneipp hot and cold water walking track is located on the first floor close to...
    Available in 4 spas
  • Underwater massage

    Underwater massage is performed manually underwater – by directing the stream of water emerging from the hose (0,6-1,5 atm), the whole body is massaged, starting with the feet; or automatically, via a mechanism built into the bathtub.
    Available in 13 spas
  • Mineral water bath

    A bath is filled with the high salt content mineral water Värska-6 (21g/l) flowing 572-600 meters deep between 600 million years old layers of earth. Värska-6 contains several trace minerals: copper, zinc, strontium, manganese brome, lithium and selenium that reduce the risk of cancer. The Värska-6 mineral water with a high salt content is mostly...
    Available in 2 spas
  • Vichy shower

    This is an intense body care procedure with an exhilarating start. 20 minutes is spent under the water jets of the Vichy shower with massage creams having the whole body excited. Body is influenced using fine needle-sharp jets of water, intermittent sprays of hot and cold water can be used. This procedure has an especially...
    Available in 8 spas

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