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Spring beauty tips by the mud man from Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa

By preferring the domestic, we give preference to our pure Estonian medicinal mud, which conceals many healing properties within!

One of the most distinctive of these are humic substances, which can be likened to a saddled horse, which help to introduce beneficial substances into the human body and, conversely, bring harmful substances out of the human body.

To achieve this level of balance and freshness, we invite everyone to get muddy!

Please check out the ‘I’m the Mud King’ accommodation package, and all of our mud treatments


The effects of vibroacoustics on muscles will be studied in Värska

Researchers of the University of Tartu will continue to study the effects of procedures at the Värska Spa Center to support the development of science-based treatment plans for people suffering from muscle tension. Previous studies have already shown that the effects of Värska therapeutical mud and natural mineral water baths have been proven and have a positive impact on muscles. The new research phase will also measure the effects of vibroacoustic therapy on tense and painful muscles to make evidence-based treatment plans even more effective.

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