Tervis Medical Spa HotelSpa vacation To be happy! in Tervis Medical SPA Hotel in Pärnu

Spa vacation To be happy! in Tervis Medical SPA Hotel in Pärnu

spa vacation in Spa Tervis, Pärnu, Estonia
FROM 65€*

It does not take much to have complete happiness – actually we only need enough time for ourselves and our thoughts. It is not always easy to find it, but sometimes just a little will do.

Tervis Medical Spa Hotel is located in the resort town of Pärnu near the marina and seawall. Summer in Tervis also means long sunny walks in the famous Rannapark and and swimming in the warm sea of Pärnu beach. In winter you will enjoy the beautiful sight of a little town covered in soft white snow.

During a short relaxing spa vacation in a seaside Spa Tervis next to the beach park you can enjoy treatments that relax your body and mind and take your thoughts off from everyday routine to the real values of life. Find yourself! Take a time for a spa vacation and be happy!

During the spa vacation “To be happy!” you will have: 

  • 2 relaxing procedures per one night of stay from the following list:
    o tension relieving classical massage 23 min
    o incomparable herbal pearl bath
    o toning shower
    o paraffin mask for hands
    o underwater shower massage
    o paraffin-ozocerite treatment relaxing muscles
    o salt therapy
    o whirlpool for feet
    o therapeutic gymnastics or water gymnastics or circle training for seniors in a gym
    o at request a consultation with a doctor instead of one relaxing procedure Mon-Fri
  • various enjoyable sauna pleasures in the sauna and water centre during opening hours
  • fitness gym during opening hours
  • tasty breakfast and dinner
  • accommodation in a comfortable twin/double room

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* Price from signify the price for one person in double room for one night. The price may vary.


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