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Active exercise

Active exercise

  • Group exercises

    Most spas with a sports centre offer a wide choice of different group exercises under the supervision of a trained instructor.
    Available in 10 spas
  • Nordic walking

    Nordic walking has become popular in the whole world since it is suitable for everyone regardless of their age or health condition, it provides people with the necessary physical strain, strengthens the muscles and joints, provides general invigoration and increases the alertness of the spirit and joy of life. In addition to the muscles of the...
    Available in 8 spas
  • Therapeutic gymnastics at the gym

    The purpose of therapeutic gymnastics is the acceleration of being cured from the pathological condition and the preservation of the achievements while the patient is actively involved in the process of recovery. The knowledge that a part of your recovery depends on yourself is just as important as the correct and regular performance of the...
    Available in 5 spas
  • Water gymnastics

    Water gymnastics is a suitable form of motional therapy for those to whom regular gymnastics could prove to be difficult – for example, people with motional disabilities. Certain movements seem easier to perform in water, and while the performance of exercises is les troublesome, the strain for the joints and spine is smaller. Water has...
    Available in 9 spas
  • Water running

    Water running is an exciting alternative for traditional swimming, water aerobics and water gymnastics. The aiding equipment for water running is a belt which positions the runner in an upright position in the water without any unnecessary movements. Due to the resistance of water we go through more trouble for performing the movements than on...
    Available in 1 spas
  • Yoga

    Yoga is about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. Exercises are done in groups under the supervision of a trained instructor.
    Available in 3 spas

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