• What is the difference between medical and wellness spa?

Medical spa hotel is a recognised hotel licensed to provide outpatient medical care that specialises primarily in various rehabilitation, dietary and medical spa services (e.g. massage therapy, exercise therapy, water exercise therapy, etc.).

Spa/wellness spa hotel is a recognised hotel that specialises in various care, relaxation and other spa services. Such hotels are not required to hold a license for provision of outpatient medical care. Treatment services are not offered and the spa services have a relaxing and invigorating nature (such as sauna, exercise, body care, yoga, use of herbal treatments and other products to improve health, other alternative methods).
The concept of wellness spa calls for very high quality and level of service, personal service, a varied selection of spa services and focus on relevant target groups, which means that only hotels that meet three-star requirements can apply to become wellness spas.

Medical and spa/wellness spa hotel is a higher ranked hotel that offers both medical and wellness spa services. A combination of different categories of spa hotels is possible if a hotel wants to develop itself as a higher ranked medical and wellness spa.


  • What should I know before planning a stay in a medical spa?

Before planning your spa holiday, we always recommend that you consult your doctor about the following conditions and illnesses:

  • heart and circulation problems; high or low blood pressure
  • tumours
  • pregnancy
  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • kidney and other organ illnesses and diseases
  • epilepsy
  • psychotic disorders
  • tendency for hemorrhaging
  • diseases and illnesses of the blood
  • AIDS or HIV

Spa procedures are forbidden in the event of a fever and/or viral infection or other acute illness, but also in the event of contagious skin diseases.


  • I am good to go! What should I know when planning treatments?

We recommend that you read the medical spa lexicon´s description of a procedure you are interested prior to signing up for it or that you consult a doctor or a spa administrator. Clients must be aware of what awaits them and how to make their stay as perfect as it can possibly be.


  • Is there a spa etiquette I should follow?
  • Book all of your treatment times in advance.
  • So that your procedures could start on time, arrive 5 minutes early to get yourself ready. If you are running late it can’t be guaranteed that you receive the full treatment.
  • Dress for procedures  in light, comfortable clothes – remove your watch and any jewellery you may be wearing so that the treatment is rendered without causing any discomfort.
  • Procedures that involve the entire body (massage, baths, body care service, etc.) will require you to undress. The body care specialist (masseur, beautician, etc.) will only expose the area to be worked on and will keep the rest of your body covered.
  • For treatments involving water (except baths) it is advisable to use your swimming suit.
  • Bear in mind the other guests – keep your voice down and share the space around you while you are in the common areas.
  • Give the previous customer sufficient time to finish the procedure and enter the
room when asked by the service provider.
Reciprocal courtesy ensures that all visitors are satisfied.
  • If you have children with you, please do not leave them unattended.
  • Please use the shower before the use of the pool.
  • You must wear your swimming suit while you are using the sauna and pool complex. If not noted otherwise.
  • You are strongly advised not to use saunas and pools while intoxicated. If you do so your behaviour may bother the other guests and also the staff, you will also be endangering your health.
  • The use or consumption of alcohol or drugs is not recommended alongside treatments. The staff have the right to refuse to serve intoxicated clients without providing any refunds for services that have been booked and paid for.
  • Spas encourage and are in favor with healthy way of life. So smoking is restricted to special areas.

Every spa may have its own additional requests and recommendations. So be sure to read the local etiquette in a spa you will be staying in!

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